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Failed to Connect to Server

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Question: Why can't I connect to Mythos? When I try, I get a message that says, "Failed to Connect to Server."





There may be several reasons for this, including personal connection issues, ISP problems, or issues with the connections into Mythos. Read more below for possible issues and solutions.


This may be due to few possible reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • Issue with Firewall and Ports for your Internet Connection / Wireless Router
    • With firewalls, try and disable your anti-virus software and/or firewall and then run the game to see if this works. Windows firewall can be disabled by going to the control panel, then double click the security icon, select "windows firewall" the choose "disable". If windows firewall is your only firewall it will tell you that it's not recommended to disable it. Disable it anyways and try to patch again. If it still fails to connect you might have a 3rd party firewall blocking it. look into your taskbar (The little bad with clock and icons on the lower right corner) find the icon for your Firewall, right click on it, there should be some sort of entry there that says "firewall" then select disable. If you can't seem to find how to disable your firewall post a thread telling what your firewall is.
  • Double check to see that you don’t have any ports that are blocked.
    • Some firewalls and/or wireless routers will block the port # 6900, which is needed to connect to Mythos. If you're unsure that port # 6900 is open, visit this link to confirm the port's status; if the website does not open, then port # 6900 is blocked.To open this port, you will need to access your router or firewall’s administrative panel (with routers, this is your primary DNS default gateway – usually accessed by typing into your browser address bar or through another method – consult your user’s manual). Find Ragnarok Online and allow it to access the internet under the programs section or check to see that port # 6900 is open.
  • Other Servers are Installed into your Mythos Ragnarok Directory
    • If you have another server installed to your RO directory be sure to delete it. Make sure that there is no file called clientinfo.xml in your Mythos Ragnarok directory either.

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