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  1. Question: Why can't I disable mouse freedom or some other features which come with ROExt? You can! You'll need to manually edit them using the steps listed below. Editing the features of ROExt is very easy. Go into your RO folder and open up "dinput.ini" in Notepad. In here you can enable/disable all the features you'd like. There are descriptions for every setting which will explain what everything does.
  2. Tyr

    Mouse is Frozen

    Question: I can't move my mouse when playing Mythos. What should I do? Make sure that you have the proper drivers and settings enabled on your mouse's software, if applicable. You may also need to download another program, called ROExt, or check our other tips below on mouse issues. First, check to make sure that the mouse is plugged in properly to your computer and that you have all the necessary drivers to run your mouse, pointer, etc. If you are playing on a touchscreen, you will have to run Mythos on fullscreen mode (as it is using rules for a Tablet PC). If you still encounter issues in full screen mode, set the Ragnarok Online display resolution to match the desktop display resolution in Windows. If that is not desirable due to performance issues, please lower the Windows desktop display resolution to match Ragnarok Online`s display resolution instead. Please also make sure that you have selected the correct screen resolution at the Ragnarok Online configuration setup program so that the first number is larger than the second number. For example: 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768. If you have a display monitor that can be rotated to display sideways, please make sure the monitor is rotated to be displayed in a Landscape / Horizontal position (where the top and bottom is longer than the sides). If none of this works, please try installing ROExt. This add-on is known to fix several mouse issues.
  3. Question: Why does my mouse cause the client to zoom all the way in or out? Some mouse brands and software can cause issues. You can edit your mouse settings, or try installing ROExt from the link below. Mythos Ragnarok client does not handle all hardware too well. Some mouse brands, such as Razer, are known to cause issues. What you can do to prevent this is installing ROExt. This will in many cases solve these known mouse issues.
  4. Question: What should I do if I get this message when logging in: "Server still recognizes your last log-in. Please try again after a few minutes."? You'll need to wait 15 minutes before you can log-in to Mythos. If you've received this error, this is because you've tried to log-in unsuccessfully too many times. Because of this, the server has locked you out temporarily for 15 minutes as a security precaution to your account. Try again in 15 minutes and be certain that you are using the correct password and username. If you've forgotten your password, you can perform a Password Reset through the Control Panel.
  5. Question: Why do I get an error message when I log in that says "Rejected from Server" sometimes? This is because you've entered in the wrong password too many times. Wait 15 minutes and try again. This happens when you continually type in the wrong password for an account. The server temporarily bans your IP form logging, this usually last 15 minutes. You should be able to log back in after that time provided that you’ve entered the correct password.
  6. Question: Why am I lagging while playing Mythos? There are many potential reasons why you might be lagging. For a full overview, read below or check your internet connection to make sure that it is stable. First, make sure that there are no other applications running that might consume Internet bandwidth. Such as torrent software or other P2P applications. Additionally, check to see that your graphics settings are properly configured. In some cases, lag can be a result of poor graphics performance on your computer, but this can sometimes be remedied through selecting the proper graphics card. In your Mythos Setup.exe, check the THIRD OPTION (below Direct 3D HAL and Direct 3D T&L HAL) - which is usually the name of the graphics card you have in your computer (if you have more than one graphics card, select whichever one you would like to run). You'll usually see your single graphics card listed twice; this is normal. Simply select the first listing of your card and you should be able to properly run RO with its correct performance settings.
  7. Question: Why can't I connect to Mythos? When I try, I get a message that says, "Failed to Connect to Server." There may be several reasons for this, including personal connection issues, ISP problems, or issues with the connections into Mythos. Read more below for possible issues and solutions. This may be due to few possible reasons. The most common reasons are: Issue with Firewall and Ports for your Internet Connection / Wireless Router With firewalls, try and disable your anti-virus software and/or firewall and then run the game to see if this works. Windows firewall can be disabled by going to the control panel, then double click the security icon, select "windows firewall" the choose "disable". If windows firewall is your only firewall it will tell you that it's not recommended to disable it. Disable it anyways and try to patch again. If it still fails to connect you might have a 3rd party firewall blocking it. look into your taskbar (The little bad with clock and icons on the lower right corner) find the icon for your Firewall, right click on it, there should be some sort of entry there that says "firewall" then select disable. If you can't seem to find how to disable your firewall post a thread telling what your firewall is. Double check to see that you don’t have any ports that are blocked. Some firewalls and/or wireless routers will block the port # 6900, which is needed to connect to Mythos. If you're unsure that port # 6900 is open, visit this link to confirm the port's status; if the website does not open, then port # 6900 is blocked.To open this port, you will need to access your router or firewall’s administrative panel (with routers, this is your primary DNS default gateway – usually accessed by typing into your browser address bar or through another method – consult your user’s manual). Find Ragnarok Online and allow it to access the internet under the programs section or check to see that port # 6900 is open. Other Servers are Installed into your Mythos Ragnarok Directory If you have another server installed to your RO directory be sure to delete it. Make sure that there is no file called clientinfo.xml in your Mythos Ragnarok directory either.
  8. Tyr

    D3D Error

    Question: Why am I getting a "D3D Error" when I try and play Mythos? You'll need to update your video card drivers in order for Mythos to work in this case, or try making your resolution while playing Mythos much lower, such as 640x480. This is generally due to your video card either not being good enough to run RO or outdated card drivers. Update your video card drivers and it should work. This may also be caused by playing with too high resolution, try to lower your resolution from Mythos Setup.exe to 640x480. Then try higher and resolutions until you find one that won't crash.
  9. Question: Why are my screenshots on Mythos always blurry and grey? They look like they are not coming out right when I try and take an in-game photo. This is because Mythos is running in a non-standard aspect ratio (4:3) in your display settings. Go into Mythos Setup.exe and change your display settings to a standard ratio, such as 640x480, 800x600, or 1024x768. Your screenshots may not look right if you are running Mythos in a non-standard aspect ratio. This is because RO pre-dates most modern, widescreen resolutions for display settings. You'll need to open Mythos Setup.exe and edit your display settings to a more common 4:3 standard aspect ratio to get your screenshots working correctly. Example sizes include 640x480, 800x600, or 1024x768, etc.
  10. Tyr

    DirectX Error

    Question: Why am I getting a DirectX error when playing Mythos? Check to make sure that you have the latest version of DirectX running on your computer, as well as run a virus scan to rule out issues with those files. First check to see that you have the most current version of DirectX. Secondly, run a scan on your computer using your anti-virus software to make sure that you don’t have any infected files that may be interfering with your DirectX.
  11. Question: Why can't I disable Full Screen Mode on Mythos? Check your settings in Mythos Setup.exe within your Mythos Ragnarok folder and look for the option for Full Screen mode and unselect it. Make sure you're running Mythos Setup.exe, not setup.exe. You might've actually messed something up by running that file instead of the one you have to run. Try reinstalling the game, run Mythos Setup.exe and make sure it's not set to Full Screen. Also, check if there's a file called dinput.dll in your RO folder. If so, rename it to anything else.
  12. Question: Why does Mythos run in a very small window? I can't see anything, but I can hear the game's sounds and music. I just get a small window but I can't see anything. You will need to select a screen resolution in Mythos Setup.exe. Be sure to also have your computer's graphics card selected and not on "Direct 3D" or "Direct 3D HAL." You might also need to download ROExt, which you can find below. This is usually because the resolution settings for the game have not been established. First, open Mythos Setup.exe and make sure you have committed your desired graphics settings there. You will need to select your graphics card on your CPU as well as your desired window resolution. In certain instances, this may not always work - in which case we recommend a third-party application called ROExt. ROExt will usually allow you to fix this issue in most cases if changing the settings in Mythos Setup.exe doesn't work. After downloading ROExt, extract everything into your Mythos Ragnarok folder.
  13. Question: Why are my graphics all pixelated, blurry, or show black pixels around certain features in Mythos? This is related to your own graphics card and not RO's settings. Check with your manufacturer for driver updates and settings. This seems to be an issue with players who use the Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti graphics cards. There is no known solution for this issue yet, however players have reported that unchecking "Trilinear Filtering" in your options might fix this issue.
  14. Question: Why can't I select a resolution in Mythos Setup.exe or Setup.exe to runMythos? All of my options are blank. This problem can sometimes occur when using Windows 8. To fix this, try editing some of the size options manually using the method listed below. This appears to be a known problem in Windows 8 for the moment. Here, you will need to work with the kRO Setup Files: 1. Go to your Ragnarok Online folder and open the “data” and “savedata” folder. 2. Inside those folders, there’s a file named OptionInfo.lua. Open it using any text editor and edit the default screen sizes. 3. Look for these lines, somewhere in line 48 and 49: If these are not in the list, just add them manually. 4. Modify it to suit your needs. For example, if your resolution is 1920 x 1080, just change the width to 1920 and height to 1080.
  15. Question: What should I do if I get an error that says "This application has failed to start because binkw32.dll was not found."? Check your Mythos Ragnarok installation to make sure that it has been done properly. Read below to figure out which solution fits your issue best. This error (as well as errors with other files missing) is caused by a wrongly installed Mythos Ragnarok. Most likely you have downloaded our Mini Installer and either installed it in the wrong folder or you do not have the base Ragnarok files at all. If you have a base Ragnarok folder, make sure you install it in the same folder as your Ragnarok is installed in. If you do not have Ragnarok installed yet, please download the Full Installer instead of the Lite Installer.
  16. Question: Why doesn't Mythos Ragnarok work with the Full Installer? I downloaded the Full Installer and I get an error when trying to launch Mythos. This is most likely due to an installation error. Try re-installing Mythos in a new folder or get a fresh copy of the Full Installer. This is likely an installation error. Try re-installing Mythos Ragnarok into a new folder and running the game. If this does not work, attempt to re-download the full installer as your file download may have been corrupted. A way to prevent this from happening is by using a Download Manager. The safest way to download however is using our Torrent Installer.
  17. Question: Why doesn't Mythos Ragnarok work with the Mini Installer? I downloaded the mini installer and I get an error when trying to launch Mythos. This is most likely due to an installation error. Try re-installing Mythos Ragnarok in a new folder or get a fresh copy of the Full Installer. This is likely an installation error. Try re-installing Mythos Ragnarok into a new folder and running the game. If this does not work, attempt to re-download the full installer as your file download may have been corrupted. A way to prevent this from happening is by using a Download Manager. The safest way to download however is using our Torrent Installer.
  18. Question: Why does Mythos Ragnarok installer say "the archive is in unknown format or damaged? This is because your download has corrupted. Try downloading the client again. Unfortunately, your download of Mythos Ragnarok is corrupted. You will need to download the client once again. You may want to try some kind of download manager or accelerator to get a clean download. The best way to download the game however is by getting the Torrent Installer.
  19. Question: I'm downloading Mythos Ragnarok and it says that the download has "timed out." Try downloading again after a little while, or check your internet connection to make sure it is stable. Your internet connection has likely experienced a temporary outage or the hosting server for the Mythos Ragnarok installer has briefly gone down. You will need to try downloading the client once more. If this happens again, wait a few minutes and check to see that your internet connection is still working.
  20. Question: Why can't I run Mythos even after patching everything up? I just patched and now I can't start Mythos. This may have to do with a setting in your User Account Control (UAC) in Windows. Follow the steps below to change your UAC settings. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, both have a feature called UAC, User Account Control. The UAC forces users that are part of the local administrators group to run like they were regular users with no administrative privileges. Meaning you can't do administrator things while UAC is on if you're part of this group. Don't worry - disabling UAC won't have any real security risks and you can always enable it again afterwards. Here's how to disable UAC: Press the windows key and R simultaneously to open the Run window. Type in MSCONFIG You should be prompted with a new screen. From there go to Tools, then scroll all the way down and find an entry called "Disable UAC/UAP" Some machines say UAP for god knbows why. After it's done click Ok to close the window. Reboot your computer. You should have UAC disabled now and you hhould be able to patch properly. And to enable it again do the same as above except that instead of choosing "Disable UAC" choose "Enable UAC".
  21. Tyr

    Failed to Repack

    Question: What should I do if I see a message like "Failed to Repack" while trying to patch Mythos? Make sure that your mdata.grf and/or data.grf files are not set to "Read Only." You can modify this using the steps listed below. First, make sure your mdata or data is not set on read only. To do this right click on your mdata and make sure there's no checkbox on where it says "read only.” Secondly, make sure you are running as the administrator account of the computer you are using. If you are using Windows Vista / Windows 7 make sure you run the patcher as administrator as well. To do this, right click on the patcher and select "run as administrator."
  22. Tyr

    Update Failed

    Question: What should I do if I get a message like "Update Failed?" Check to make sure that your anti-virus software has not deleted or blocked Mythos.exe. Please check if you have a Mythos.exe in your Mythos Ragnarok folder.If not, your anti virus probably deleted it. (Sofar only Avira Anti-Virus does it.)Howto add Mythos.exe to your exceptions list: Depending on the Avira anti-virus version you have to either do this: Avira configuration (you use Mythos.exe instead of maplestory.exe, obviously)or "Right click avira icon -> config -> enable expert mode -> live scanner -> search -> exceptions" or "View > PC protection > Realtime Protection". Start the Mythos Patcher again, it should download the missing Mythos.exe automatically.
  23. Tyr

    Failed to Get Patch

    Question: What should I do if I get a message that says "Failed to Get Patch," such as something like "Failed to get 2019-11-13aRagexeAD.rgz" or something similar? Close your patcher and try again and you should be all set. The patcher isn’t working right, and this happens occasionally. Close the patcher and try running it again. If this happens for a while, there may be an issue with the patching host and it should be fixed shortly.
  24. Tyr

    Unable to Patch

    Question: Why can't I get any patches? I can't patch up Mythos or kRO either. This is likely a problem with Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Follow the steps below and you should be able to patch as normal. When receiving the "Failed to write" or "Failed to get" errors during the patching process, you’re likely encountering a problem with permissions on Windows Vista or Windows 7. Please attempt the following steps: Running the Client as Administrator: Select the Client Icon Ragnarok.exe "Right-click" the icon by using the right mouse button Choose to "Run as Administrator" Note: this may be required for each time the client is run. Acquiring Administrator Rights to the folder: Go to My Computer. Double click on the C Drive. (or the drive in which Ragnarok Online is installed) Double click on the Program Files folder. (or the folder in which Ragnarok Online is installed) Double click on your Mythos Ragnarok folder. Right click on the Mythos Ragnarok folder. f. Select "Properties". Select the "Security" tab. When Windows Vista or Windows 7 presents "Windows needs your permission to continue", provide your login if needed, and select Continue. Under "Group or user names:" select the "Users (|computer name|\Users)" group. Where |computer name| is the name of your computer. Under "Permissions for Users", select and check the "Modify" permission. Click OK and Windows will set the security permission on your TalonRO folder. Click OK again at the Mythos Ragnarok Properties dialog box. Lastly make sure you have the appropriate NTFS disk security permissions to Read & Execute, Write, Modify, and List Folder Contents. Please also ensure that you have enough free disk space to install the patch.
  25. Question: Why is my patcher so slow? I am trying to download the patch but it is happening very slowly. Try downloading our Tiny Installer into a new folder, then copy/paste the contents into your main Mythos Ragnarok folder. This may be due to a patching-related error. Instead of installing the Tiny Installer directly into your RO folder, try the following. Install it in a NEW folder. After that, copy all the files from that new folder and paste them into your current Mythos Ragnarok folder. Make sure you overwrite everything when it asks.