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    • Question: Why can't I disable mouse freedom or some other features which come with ROExt?       You can! You'll need to manually edit them using the steps listed below.   Editing the features of ROExt is very easy. Go into your RO folder and open up "dinput.ini" in Notepad. In here you can enable/disable all the features you'd like. There are descriptions for every setting which will explain what everything does.
    • Question: I can't move my mouse when playing Mythos. What should I do?       Make sure that you have the proper drivers and settings enabled on your mouse's software, if applicable. You may also need to download another program, called ROExt, or check our other tips below on mouse issues.   First, check to make sure that the mouse is plugged in properly to your computer and that you have all the necessary drivers to run your mouse, pointer, etc. If you are playing on a touchscreen, you will have to run Mythos on fullscreen mode (as it is using rules for a Tablet PC). If you still encounter issues in full screen mode, set the Ragnarok Online display resolution to match the desktop display resolution in Windows. If that is not desirable due to performance issues, please lower the Windows desktop display resolution to match Ragnarok Online`s display resolution instead. Please also make sure that you have selected the correct screen resolution at the Ragnarok Online configuration setup program so that the first number is larger than the second number. For example: 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768. If you have a display monitor that can be rotated to display sideways, please make sure the monitor is rotated to be displayed in a Landscape / Horizontal position (where the top and bottom is longer than the sides). If none of this works, please try installing ROExt. This add-on is known to fix several mouse issues.
    • Question: Why does my mouse cause the client to zoom all the way in or out?       Some mouse brands and software can cause issues. You can edit your mouse settings, or try installing ROExt from the link below.   Mythos Ragnarok client does not handle all hardware too well. Some mouse brands, such as Razer, are known to cause issues. What you can do to prevent this is installing ROExt. This will in many cases solve these known mouse issues.
    • Question: What should I do if I get this message when logging in: "Server still recognizes your last log-in. Please try again after a few minutes."?       You'll need to wait 15 minutes before you can log-in to Mythos.   If you've received this error, this is because you've tried to log-in unsuccessfully too many times. Because of this, the server has locked you out temporarily for 15 minutes as a security precaution to your account. Try again in 15 minutes and be certain that you are using the correct password and username. If you've forgotten your password, you can perform a Password Reset through the Control Panel.
    • Question: Why do I get an error message when I log in that says "Rejected from Server" sometimes?       This is because you've entered in the wrong password too many times. Wait 15 minutes and try again.   This happens when you continually type in the wrong password for an account. The server temporarily bans your IP form logging, this usually last 15 minutes. You should be able to log back in after that time provided that you’ve entered the correct password.